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  • What is logistics?

    Logistics is a series of activities including storage of goods, packaging, warehousing, goods circulation, customs clearance ... to achieve the ultimate goal of transporting products and goods. Suppliers to consumers in the most optimal way.

    What are the jobs for logistics students?

    Job positions for those who choose to study Logistics are quite diverse, specifically, you can do the following jobs:

    • Import-export business staff
    • Procurement staff
    • Goods management staff
    • Product management staff
    • Logistics sales staff

    What is 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL?

    1PL: is a supplier of goods, usually a shipper, or a consignee. Companies carry out their own logistics activities. The company owns vehicles, factories, loading and unloading equipment and other resources including people to carry out logistics activities. These are the largest logistics corporations in the world with a global logistics network, which operates according to each locality.

    2PL: is the actual carrier, such as shipping lines, airlines, truck carriers

    3PL: is a provider of total solutions for logistics services to customers, they usually take part, or all stages of the supply chain.

    4PL: The term 4PL was first used by Accenture, and the company defined the following: “A 4PL is an integrator that assembles the resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization and other organizations to design, build and run comprehensive supply chain solutions. ”

    Classification of logistics services

    Major logistics services, including:

    • Cargo handling services, including container handling activities;
    • Warehousing and storage services, including container warehousing and raw material handling equipment business;
    • Freight forwarders, including customs agency operations and cargo handling planning;
    • Other auxiliary services, including the receipt, storage, and management of information related to the transport and storage of goods throughout the logistics chain; activities of re-handling goods returned by customers, inventory, overdue goods, outdated and redistributed goods; container leasing and leasing activities.

    Logistics services related to transport, including:

    • Shipping services
    • Inland waterway transport service
    • Air transport services
    • Rail transport services
    • Road transport services
    • Pipe transport services.

    Other relevant logistics services, including:

    • Technical inspection and analysis services;
    • Postal services;
    • Wholesale trade services;
    • Retail trade services, including inventory management, collection, collection, classification, redistribution and delivery;
    • Other transport support services.

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