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  • Santa is the most famous man and is loved by millions of children around the world. This gentle, funny man has become a legend and is associated with many interesting stories.
    The image of Santa Claus is very familiar but do you know all the interesting things about Santa? VTL today will reveal to you the secrets about "this man"!

    Why Santa always wear red costumes?

    Santa's always wearing a red suit and a white beard, and the fact that the red outfit was rooted in the bishop's dress of St. Nicolas in the 4th century. He was born into a wealthy family, often bringing his give to the poor and secretly to help those in need. As a result, Saint Nicholas is loved by both adults and children.
    The story of Saint Nicholas was widely spread, so popular that whenever he received a gift, people thought he gave it. In January 1881, Harper Weekly published a picture of Santa Claus with a big red stomach, a pipe in his hand, a large gift bag.

    Why Christmas gifts are put in the socks?

    On Christmas Eve, children often hang socks at the end of the bed waiting for Santa Claus to give presents. Why is that? (Socks are quite dirty!). The story is that when he was alive, St. Nicolas (later Santa Claus) because of compassion for his three daughters to get married, but no boy took it because he was too poor. On a winter night, he threw three gold coins into the chimneys of the girls' houses, accidentally dropping them on the socks that they hung by the fireplace. Since then, children have to hang socks to receive gifts.

    Why does Santa use female reindeers only?

    Do you know Santa only chooses the female reindeer to pull the car? The male reindeer horns shed at the end of the breeding season around early December (until Christmas Eve is gone), and the female horns survive the winter. According to legend, the reindeer horn is capable of capturing and capturing all the dreams and aspirations of children around the world so of course the reindeer is chosen. In addition, females have 50% of their body fat reserves in winter and males only 5%. So compared to two children, the cold-tolerant children are stronger (can withstand up to -43 degrees).

    Is Santa a "thief"?

    Why doesn't Santa Claus enter the front door but go through a chimney like a thief? Because he was only going at night, but at night everyone was asleep, the door was fully locked and only the chimney was able to get inside. Moreover, his flying carriage landed on the roof that seemed easier than on the ground.

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