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  • Tam Dao is blessed with 4 pleasant and cool seasons all year round, which is suitable for exploring the beauty here. Each season in Tam Dao has a very unique beauty. You can even enjoy the 4 seasons weather in just one day in Tam Dao.
    You can explore Tam Dao at any time of the year. Tam Dao proprietary fresh and airy air, an ideal place for relaxing weekends.

    Tam Dao in the spring is usually quieter than other seasons. If you are trying to discover Tam Dao, which season is the most beautiful. If you like the tranquility and quietness, you can easily explore Tam Dao in the spring.
    However, the spring in Tam Dao is still quite cold, you should equip yourself with some clothes to keep your body warm to avoid catching a cold!

    If the seclusion of Tam Dao in the spring makes it easy to visit, summer is an ideal time for Hanoi or the Northern provinces to avoid the heat.
    In the summer, thanks to the advantage of high terrain and lots of greenery, the highest temperature of Tam Dao is only about a 27-28 degree. Therefore, by the end of the summer weekend, the number of tourists from Hanoi to Tam Dao increased rapidly.

    In the fall, Tam Dao is extremely poetic, magical in the scenery of trees, fog, falling yellow leaves. Coming to Tam Dao this season, visitors will enjoy the fresh air.
    In the fall, try cycling around Tam Dao, visiting famous tourist attractions of Tam Dao such as heaven gates, stone church, ... Enjoying delicious food at Tam Dao Phuc Huong Vien restaurant. Or simply sitting enjoying hot coffee to see the falling yellow leaves is also extremely romantic.

    The cloudy sky of Tam Dao is like those in other northern mountainous provinces. However, the scenery of thousands of clouds in harmony with houses, mountains, and scenery gives Tam Dao an extremely simple, rustic and peaceful beauty this winter.
    Moreover, winter is an ideal time for you to enjoy unique dishes here such as hot pot dishes, grilled fish, chicken, ... unique and delicious.

    Collected by: Le Nhu - VTL

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