Becoming a transportation company providing the most professional, optimal and suitable shipping solutions for both customers and cargoes. VTL is not only a transportation company but also a reliable companion, bringing assurance and long-term trust for both sides to develop sustainability in the integrated global economy.


In terms of business, VTL is committed to providing professional and flexible transport service models depending on the needs of customers and the characteristics of each order.

In terms of economic values, VTL is committed to becoming a reliable companion with customers and partners in the logistics industry to be able to deliver the orders perfectly and optimally. At the same time, the company also creates a long-term reputation with the players in the industry and expand the market both locally and internationally in the globally integrated economy. 

Core values

The three core values ​​of Viet Total Logistics Company are Trust, Responsibility and Flexibility.

Putting the Honesty value on top of our business goals, VTL is always transparent and clear its business procedure with the customers and partners. Being honest and transparent in the process of exchanging information will accelerate the progress and efficiency in shipping the goods, avoiding risks or problems arising for both sides. In addition, Honesty is also the most important building block in building long-term business and business relationships with other reputable customers and partners.

VTL understands that our Responsibility is huge in ensuring the order is delivered to the recipient in the best condition, so VTL always dedicates 200% of the energy and enthusiasm to complete the task in a timely manner. Perfect and most optimal. In addition, the main responsibility of VTL is to minimize risks and simplify the transport process for customers and partners, bringing bilateral benefits to both sides.

In the process of transporting an order, it is difficult to avoid unexpected problems, for example, related to procedures or packaging of goods. With more than 25 years of industry experience, VTL is always well prepared to resolve such problems quickly and ensure orders are processed as best as possible. In addition, VTL always carefully monitors orders on every journey and is willing to solve problems even after working hours, with the goal of putting the interests of customers first.


  • Airlines agent.
  • Shipping lines agent.
  • NVOCC.
  • Sea and Air freight forwarding.
  • Exporter and Importer.
  • Multimodal transport.
  • International and local inland transportation.
  • Customs clearance.
  • World wide CFS and Consolidation.
  • Warehousing.
  • Packing moving service.
  • Project cargo handling.
  • Breakbulk cargo handling.
  • Flexitank operation.