• Saturday, 11:08 Day 18/01/2020
  • #Tet is coming to town, everybody has decorated beautifully at different buildings, stores and along the streets to celebrate an upcoming new year. This truly is a very exciting year-end moment of Vietnamese people. It’s time to renew our Facebook profiles with colorful Tet images to wish for a fruitful and wealthy new year 2020!

    VTL proudly introduce to you the most beautiful places in Saigon to take the best Tet photos as below!

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    Calligraphy master street - Intersection of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Pham Ngoc Thach

    On the weekend of the Tet holiday, Ho Chi Minh people go to Ong Do and apricot street at Thanh Nien cultural house (District 1) to participate in the Vietnamese New Year - Tet Canh Ty 2020 festival. This is the 14th year of operation to preserve the traditional values of the nation.

    The Calligraphy master street is always a highlight to attract visitors to the annual spring festival. This is where visitors come to take photos, get calligraphy for the New Year.

    Depending on the material and size, each calligraphy letter costs 50,000-100,000 VND. Hoai Nhan (District 10) said: "Every year, my friends and I come here to check-in and buy red envelopes with calligraphy. This type of bag is more unique and meaningful than printed forms".

     Flower markets in Tet holidays

    With a unique event happening only once a year, why not take advantage of posing by the spring flower forest and save the pictures of celebrating the New Year? There are many flower markets for sale in Ho Chi Minh City such as September 23 park, Ly Thai To and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai roundabout, Nguyen Huu Tho street, Ho Thi Ki flower market, park on Hung Vuong street etc.

    Flower markets attract quite a lot of people come here to take pictures every day because the markets are always colorful with dozens of diverse and blossoming flowers. Near Tet, the flower markets have a multitude of Tet flowers such as spring buds, orchids, Ly flowers ... enough for you to have a set of Tet pictures for life. But please ask permission from the seller before taking pictures.

    Nguyen Hue Spring Flower Street

    With the theme "Ho Chi Minh City - Move forward with the belief", Nguyen Hue Spring Flower Street Canh Ty 2020 is designed into three main segments, spanning nearly 700 meters on Nguyen Hue Walking Street, starting right behind the fountain to Ton Duc Thang intersection 

    The flower street will be open from 7pm on January 22 and clean up at 9pm on January 28, 2020 (ie, 28th of December in the lunar calendar until the fourth day of the Lunar New Year).

    This is Year of the Rat so the flower mascot will be the mouse inspired by Dong Ho folk painting - Mouse wedding. Accordingly, the scene of the open gate recreates the image of stylized mice in a friendly and modern way to welcome the new year. There are nearly 130 mascots in a unique shape, the layout stretches across Nguyen Hue Street.

    Hang Ma Town - Hai Thuong Lan Ong, District 5

    This can be said to be the best area selling seasonal decoration in Saigon. On every Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone came here to take a picture of the lantern of the star, but now, near Tet, this place is covered in red with a lot of decorated stalls crowded with buyers and sellers from morning till night. This scenery became an extremely cool "background" for photo shooting

    Here on the occasion of Tet, there are many items on display with many colors which are interesting topics to take a picture.

    A small note: When you come to this place to take pictures during the Tet holiday, remember to bring little belongings and money to prevent pickpockets, and should send the motorbike to places that can be considered safe 

     Central Plaza in District 1

    Apart from the central streets that have decorated for the New Year, most of the buildings still have not been beautifully decorated, except Diamond Plaza. Every year, the front part of Diamond always makes people surprised by the creativity as well as the investment in decoration. Therefore, this is also the place that attracts most people to take photos

    Here is decorated with straw houses, apricot branches, Tet market ... which all consist in the sky of memory of young people leaving the countryside to earn money in the central cities. Next to the Diamond plaza building is the area of the book street and the post office with well-organized miniatures that make many young people rejoice over the blink of the unique angles

    Collected by: Ngoc Thanh - VTL

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