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  • Today VTL will introduce to everyone about the New Year of the Mong people and how it is different from the Lunar new year of the Kinh people. Is it fun, is it worth traveling to Sapa on this occasion?
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    Discover the unique traditional New Year of the Mong people

    The Mong New Year festival is not the same as the Lunar New Year, although today there have been changes it is still indispensable to the customs that are strongly traditional with the Mong people. The Mong people do not set a specific date to celebrate Tet but according to the season.

    According to the traditions, Mong people usually take place one month before the Lunar New Year, this is also the time to harvest crops.

    The customs in the traditional New Year

    According to the customs of the Mong people, every time they go to the traditional Tet holiday, they come back to burn incense to worship grandparents and ancestors to wish the New Year a good day, health and good luck.
    On the evening of 30, each family will make a meal to worship the family spirits and ancestors. The altar is placed in the middle of the house opposite the main door.


    According to custom, when listening to the first crowing chicken on the first day, the families will get up and go carry water to cook. Today, people no longer have to carry water as far as before because there are concentrated water tanks but the custom is still maintained even more meaningful. In addition, it is customary to bring the water back to weigh up if the water is more than the old year, there will be more fortunate.

    These customs are rooted in the simple desires of the Mong people. They think if they want to do well business, they have to get up early so they can get up early and bring water to the 1st; They worked hard all year so they had to eat meat to make up for those days and they didn't cook any vegetables for Tet holiday; blow the kitchen, then the rain will come and ruin the harvest ...

    Mong people in Cat Cat town are excited to buy traditional Tet gifts

    The New Year of the Mong ethnic people always expresses a unique identity with festivals such as the Gau Tao festival, or Lu festival - New Year coins, custom of ancestor worship, house ghost worship, etc. This is an important day in Tet holiday, welcome the ancestors back of the day, the family is decorated, with paper cut into cash shape and then posted around the house, labor tools.

    If visitors go on this occasion, it will be very fun and interesting because they can discover a beautiful Sapa directly participate in games, cultural activities with the people in the village.

    Mong people are eager to make banh day for Tet

    Mong people pack thick bread, as well as banh chung, always appear on the Lunar New Year. They conceive that the thick bread symbolizing the moon and the sun is the sacred thing that creates the life of all things in this world, they place the thick bread in ancestral trays and heaven and earth.

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