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  • London - The capital of the United Kingdom attracts visitors by its quiet, ancient but still no shortage of restaurants, entertainment, and modern performing arts areas. If you have the opportunity to travel to London, do not miss the famous tourist destinations that VTL introduces to you as below


    This is the most famous palace of England, the most luxurious accommodation and working place of Queen Elizabeth II. Today, this is one of the most visited places in the world.

    Buckingham Palace is located in Westminster city, open to all visitors. You can catch a bus from London and St. James’s Park is the nearest subway station to the palace.


    The Westminster Palace has 1,100 rooms, the most important of which are the House of Representatives and the Senate. The entire palace architecture is designed in the style of Gothic revival architecture.

    Referring to the Palace of Westminster could not help but mention a particularly famous symbol that is the Big Ben Clock Tower


    London Tower Bridge across the Thames River is one of the symbols of the United Kingdom, which was in 1894. This is a work combining suspension bridges with lifting bridges, allowing ships and boats to travel conveniently on the River Thames.


    The London Eye also is known as the Millennium Wheel of rotation. It will take you 30 minutes to go around the London Eye and it travels at a speed of 0.9 km / h. The London Eye is a giant 135m observation wheel located on the bank of the River Thames. London Eye is currently the 4th largest observation wheel in the world but not in the top 20 tallest construction in London.


    Built-in 1753, the British Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world and more specifically, you don't need a penny to get in here.

    The museum is one of the most research facilities and holds collections (more than 7 million artifacts on display) of the culture, history of human development.

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