Where to travel on year-end occasions in Vietnam

  • Sunday, 17:45 Day 01/12/2019
  • After a busy year of work and study, why not having plans or taking a break and find yourself favorite places to escape from stress? This is the best time of the year to find a relaxing moment to balance your inner soul with the chaotic hustle life outside.
    Let VTL suggest some "ideal" destinations as below to find yourself a wonderful holiday with your loved ones at the end of the year.

    Travel to Sapa Lao Cai at the end of the year

    Sapa is a famous resort located at a 1,600m, higher 38 km from Lao Cai city and 376 km from Hanoi. With a temperate climate, Sapa has an atmosphere all year round. In particular, this is the only place in Vietnam that has snow.
    So, if you like to experience the feeling of traveling abroad without enough money, then coming to Sapa in the winter, you will experience the feeling of sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace, listening to the fire against the firewood, enjoying deliciousness of hot and spicy dishes or famous specialties of this place.

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    Phu Quoc year-end tourism - the most beautiful season of the year

    Phu Quoc Beach is also called Dao Ngoc, belongs to Phu Quoc Island District, Kien Giang Province. Here visitors are immersed with beautiful beaches such as Long beach, sparkling white sand at Sao beach, immersing in the fresh air. You like to explore nature, you can dive into the sea, watch the coral. You go to the primeval forest to explore Tranh stream, visit the swirling dog farm. Back to Duong Dong town to visit Dinh Cau ...
    In addition, you can go fishing during the day, squid fishing at night floating on the boat. The cuisine here is the main dishes made from seafood such as herring salad, seafood soup near Blue Galoon, milkfish, fish sauce Phu Quoc famous, sim wine made from fruits ripe sim and Phu Quoc pepper.

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    Dalat tourism at the end of the year
    This place lingers footsteps visitors waterfall associated with the love story iron lipstick; the blooming of hundreds of flowers, from nourishing gardens, small yards in front of houses to small corners on sidewalks, small slopes, high houses.
    If you come to the right resort, with a large number of tourists during the festive season, you can "drift" to the suburbs, rent a room or small house, and mingle with the lifestyle of the The farmer grows vegetables or flowers here.

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    Gia Lai tourism
    Gia Lai sacred forest howling is increasingly changing skin, not only vast landscapes but also the unique architecture, attracting many tourists self-sufficient Gia Lai.
    Gia Lai is not only famous for its good business people, good football players, beautiful girls but also majestic, large landscapes, fresh, quiet atmosphere, attractive food, wonderful, ... both generous and shy like a teenager in the mountains.
    In November, December, because at this time, the rice is ripe on the hill, wildflowers are in full bloom. It turns this place into a beautiful, dreamlike golden carpet. And this is also the time when the big festivals take place, Gia Lai tourists can take part in the bustling atmosphere here.

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